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People are calling residents saying they are with the IRS and there is a problem they need to discuss. This is a scam! The IRS DOES NOT call people on the telephone. If there is a problem with the IRS they will send you a written notice in the mail.  Please do not respond to these telephone calls and please do not provide them with any information. If you receive one (or more) of these calls, even if it is just an voicemail,...

Reminder: You must call before burning!!

Report all controlled burns to Columbia 911 at 518-828-4114. Please visit the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation for more information by clicking here.

Tips on selling your timber,

Please note, there have been several calls to my office regarding logging firms from outside our area approaching property owners about selling the timber on their land. Here are some tips to avoid being ripped off by bad loggers: – Mark property lines and monitor the property. – Communicate with neighbors when logging is being done on the property. – Use certified loggers. Check references, and make sure...