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ZBA Agendas and Documents

September 5, 2017 Agenda (Please Click Here)

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CaseNo. ZBA-2017-004 M&M Tavern (19.2-1-51)

Request for a variance from the sign law. (Mobile Unit Sign)

Case No. ZBA 2017-005 Randal Hatch (19.2-1-72)

Requesting a variance from the sign law.

Represented: by Susan Cassidy

Case No. ZBA 2017-006 Laraway (19.1-1-38

Sign Law Variance

Represented by: Patricia Laraway

Case No. ZBA 2017-007 Serge Bervy Jr. (19.4-1-22)

Area Variance

Agent: Andrew Didio

Case No. ZBA 2017-008 Shaker Mill Properties C/O Lori Bashour

Area Variance