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Update from the NYS Association of Counties Conference Call

Update from the NYS Association of Counties Conference Call
– The crisis will likely shift from a state concern to a federal concern, with NY being the “epicenter” of the current situation, they recommend delegation of daily functions and tasks on the local levels to others that may assist you.  There is a “wear down” on key personnel that needs to be appreciated.
– NYS will experience some dire fiscal issues, with a 12-15 Billion dollar deficit anticipated due to COVID-19.  NYSAC is planning to collect and gather, by county, data on sales tax revenue, gas, retail, housing, etc, for use by counties going forward to anticipate revenues and impacts.
– NYSAC has asked the state to address NYS Vehicle inspections that have expired.   Maybe an extension like for registrations.
–  To allow plastic bags vs using and cleaning reusable bags – that is being evaluated.
ON the LOCAL level:
– If a property is going to be used to house quarantined persons the County will notify local neighboring residents and the town / city / village.  There is one now in Kinderhook and one in Austerlitz.  These will not compromise local residents as social distancing is applied.