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Building/Planning/Zoning Department

 (Directions to Town Hall Offices – click here)

Office Phone:  518-794-8884
Office Fax: 518-794-9694

Zoning Ordinance:

Zoning Map:   

Columbia County Property Data, Aerial/GIS maps/Tax Maps/Flood Plain & Wetland Overlays:  


September 23, 2021 note to public: 


Due to bereavement the Building Department open office hours for public ‘walk-in’s’ will be closed until Tuesday evening at 5 pm on September 28th, 2021.

If you are here to drop something off you may use the drop off boxes at the main entrance.  If you are here to obtain guidance you may either email: or if you need to actually speak with someone you may contact Cissy on her work cell phone at 518.603.5763 or Jeff Hattat at 518.763.7106.


We will be responding to emails and voice mails as per normal although there may be some slight delays.


For emergent matters requiring the IMMEDIATE attention of the building inspector please contact Jeff Hattat at the above noted phone number.

Most answers to common questions and forms can be found on the Town’s website (please make sure to check the right-hand column of each page).  If further assistance is needed please feel free to email the Department at or by office phone at 518.794-8884.  Please note that staffing is part-time and often in the field but email and phone messages are checked regularly.   Open office hours for the general public are Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9 am-Noon.  The Code Enforcement officer holds open office hours specifically on Tuesday eves from 5 p – 7:30 p or by appointment.

Application submission:   Please note that some applications require specific questionnaire-type attachments please see the list in the right-hand column of this page.  Hard Copies of all applications accompanied by the appropriate fees are required before a review may begin.  The Building Department requires one Hard Copy of the application and related documents (such as narrative, the scope of work, insurance forms, manuals, etc.) as well as two sets of stamped hard copy plans (when stamped plans are required).  One set of approved plans remains on file with the Department, while the second set is to remain available on-site at all time times until the project is completed.   Digital files are accepted as ‘ease of use’ but can not be printed by the Town to serve as the hard copy submission.

Applications and fees can be placed into the dropbox at the entrance of the Town Hall during ‘off hours’ or mailed to the Town.   The Building Department currently only accepts checks and cash (we discourage cash to be mailed or dropped into the dropbox).  Checks are made payable to the Town of New Lebanon.  The Towns Fee Schedule is linked in the right-hand column of the Building Department page or you may click on the Town’s Codes and Laws link on the top menu of the website to find it there as well.


Jeff Hattat, Code Enforcement Officer  –  email address:

Cissy Hernandez, Zoning Enforcement Officer/Administrator – email address:


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