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Town Hall Re-opening

Town Hall Re-opening
The town hall is re-opening to the public in a limited capacity starting at 9am on Monday, 6/15.  Most business will still be completed via phone, email, drop off and pick up box outside the town hall door.  If a visitor must enter the building, they will be required to take a 3 question health questionnaire before entering. The doors will remain locked and you must ring the bell to enter.  Please read all applicable signage on the door before entering.  Foot traffic will be one way in and one way out and one way in all hallways (with signs indicating which way) and visitors will come into the town hall through the main (rear) entrance and will exit through the rear handicap entrance, with the exception of people who need to enter and exit the handicap entrance.
All transactions will be by appointment only by contacting the following offices:
Town Clerk – 518-794-8888
Town Supervisor – 518-794-8889
Building Department – 518-794-8884
Assessor – 518-794-8875
The court remains closed except for certain, pre-scheduled business such as small claims cases.  For questions regarding court operations please call the Court at 518-794-9456.
The free store remains closed until further notice.