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Planning Board – Agendas & Documents

Planning Board Meeting 01/19/2022
7:00 PM @ Town Hall
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Please find below documents that are under Planning Board Review:

Case No: PB- 2021-006- Nokomis Ecology Center TM # 27.-1-26.100
Agent for the Applicant: Bryce Recer, CPL Team. Continuation of a request for Special Permit and Site Plan Approval to construct a private school/ecology center.

09.16.2020- Documents for Review
10.26.2020- Documents for Review
11.18.2020- No new Documents for Review-Applicant Postponed
12.16.2020- Documents for Review (Mtg. Cancelled Reviewed in January 2021)
01.20.2021- Documents for Review
01.21.2021- Documents for Review
02.17.2021- No Meeting
03.12.2021- Documents for Review
03.17.2021- Documents for Review-(Applicant Did Not Appear- see June 16, 2021)
06.16.2021- Documents for Review
07.21.2021- Documents for Review
08.18.2021- Documents for Review
09.15.2021- Documents for Review
10.20.2021- Documents for review
11.12.2021- Documents for Review
11.15.2021- Applicant requested an adjournment
12.15.2021- Case postponed (awaiting escrow)
01.19.2022- Not in Attendance



Case No: PB-2022-001 – Special Permit with Site Plan Review – Carol Reichert – TM#30.-1-9.100
The applicant is requesting a change of use from residential to Museum. Museums require an SP/SPR.
Complete Application

Case No: PB-2022-002- Lot Line adjustment- Joy Sherman- TM #10-1-25
Lot Line Adjustment between parcels 10-1-25 & 9.-1-17.121   

Complete Application