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Planning Board – Agendas & Documents

05.17.17  Planning Board Agenda (click here)

Proposal For Dunkin Donuts – 19.2-1-49.100
Proposal for Dunkin Donuts – 19.2-1-49.100 Request for Sketch Plan Conference (Pre-application Meeting)
Property owner: KB Chittenden on property abutting Stewart’s Shops on the easterly side.
Agent: Paul McCreary, PE

Final Plat for review at the 04.19.17 Meeting. These files are too large to upload so they have been linked to dropbox.  When you click on the links provided below a pop up will appear asking you to either sign up or sign in.  Simply close that popup box and you will be able to view the files.  If for some reason you cannot view the files from the following links please feel free to stop into the office to review the paper versions.

Case No: PB- 2017-002 Route 43 Auto (18.-1-11)
Request for Site Plan Review to operate used car sales and automotive repairs.

New Lebanon Farmers Market (Proposed Location) 

There will be a Public Hearing held on this case. On May 16,2017

Requesting a sketch plan conference to relocate the Farmer’s Market to the Gallup Inn/(former OTB) parking lot located at 519 State Route 20

Sketch Plan Conference Jo Jo’s Dream (19.1-1-88.1)
Requesting a sketch plan conference for a 3 storage buildings at 658 State rd. 20

Agent; Pat Prendergast , owner; Conrad Coon

Recommendations to the Town Board
The Town Board is requesting a recommendation on Local Law#1 regarding publication requirements in Chapter 205 of the Zoning code.