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Comprehensive Plan Update

Over the past several months, the Comprehensive Plan Update
Committee analyzed previous surveys of New Lebanon townspeople
seeking information on future directions for the town: 2005
Comprehensive Plan; 2014 Town of New Lebanon Hamlet
Revitalization Plan by Behan Planning and Design, 2017 Library
Community Conversations.

The committee believes, based on those surveys, that town residents
want the town to provide the 10 features shown on page 2. We would
like to confirm that our assessment of what townspeople want is on
target and relevant. Please take a few moments to rank the
importance of each topic shown on the survey.

Additional copies of the survey are available at the New Lebanon
Post Office and on the town website, by clicking here. The
web-based survey is interactive and can be filled out on your mobile
device or home computer. When you are finished, save the pdf by
clicking file>save as and give the file a unique name. Additional
copies of the survey can be completed by other family members if
desired. Remember to save each pdf file with a unique name!
The saved files can then be emailed or printed and returned via mail
to the email or address below.

The deadline to return this survey has been extended to June 1, 2020 via email to or printed and mailed to NL Town
Clerk, PO Box 328, New Lebanon, NY, 12125 or by dropping a
printed copy in the locked drop box at the entrance to the town
hall at 14755 State Route 22.

The Comprehensive Plan Committee, tasked at reviewing the Town’s Comprehensive Plan meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm at the New Lebanon Town Hall.  All meetings are open to the public.

Ted Salem, Chair – ZBA Member
Tony Murad – ZBA Member
Jim Carroll – PB Member
Greg Hanna – PB Member
Jesse Newton – TB Member
Deborah Gordon – TB Member
Cynthia Creech – CAC Member
David Farren – CAC Member
Jeff Hattat – Deputy CEO
Michelle Bienes – Member of the Public
Winfried Fuchshofen – Member of the Public
Steve Muse – Member of the Public
Sharon Powers – Member of the Public

Minutes & Documents:
Introduction to Comprehensive Plan Update – June 2019
12.17.19 Minutes
1.21.20 Minutes
2.18.20 Minutes
3.17.20 Minutes
5.19.20 Minutes
6.16.20 Minutes