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518 Area Code Changes

518 Area Code Changes

The information below concerns everyone who lives in the 518 area code.  You may be aware of this information but the Chairman’s Office and MIS would like to pass it along to you.


To meet the demand for additional phone numbers, the new 838 area code will be added to the existing 518 coverage area.  This process is called Area Code Overlay because 2 area codes exist in the same geographic location.

Click here for a link containing further information on what this all means to us.  The most important thing to know is this:

Beginning right away, when dialing a number within the 518 area code, you need to use the full ten numbers. (area code plus seven digit number).


Please feel free to share this information with anyone.

As always, after reading the attached information, let us know if you have any questions!


Time Union Story

Verizon Wireless FAQ on Area Code Overlay


Richard Juliano

Chief Technology Officer

Columbia County, NY

Phone:(518) 822-0721